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5280 LDC Leadership Squad


Barbara King - Instructor 

Shontell D. Brown - Instructor 

Ebony Jones - Instructor

Marla Collins - Admin 

Diena Threats - Money Matters 

5280 ldc Mission Statement

The 5280 Line Dance Crew encourages an active and healthy outlet for Adults. We come together as a diverse group of positive community members. By utilizing the power of music & dance, we share the opportunity to learn, connect, and encourage each other to push beyond our limits. We represent love, peace and unity. We invite you to dance with us.

See you on the dance floor!

5280 LDC Vision



Dancing is a healthy outlet. Both Mentally and physically.  We teach beginner dances at the start of every class and gently move in more intermediate and advanced dances throughout the class.


We dance and we teach. Our class is very welcoming & helpful. Please know we all were beginners at one point.

The more you dance the more

dances you'll know.

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